Impressions from the International Week of Action, November 2020!

We continue to mobilise, organise and take action! We #RiseUpAgainstFascism!

Let’s build a global anti-fascist front and #SmashTurkishFascism❗

Let’s create two, three, many Rojavas!

Let’s fight for a world beyond patriarchy and capitalism!

#StopAinIssaAttacks #RiseUp4Rojava

Pre-Action Week Mobilisation

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Video before action Week:

Mobilisation material (poster, sticker, flyer) can be found


1st November:

*Sydney, 14:00, Town Hall:

Event on the occasion of World Kobanê Day (

1st November:

*Vienna, 14:00, Resselpark: Demonstration


4th November:

*Vienna, 18:00, Hexenplatz/Resselpark: Feminist Action

*Bilbao, 12:30, Arriaga square: Demonstration

*Donostia, 18:00, Demostration and film: Ji bo Azadiye

*Antwerp, 14:00, Groenplaats: Demonstration

*Brussels, 14:00, Gare central: Demonstration

*Toronto, 13:00, Dundas Square: Demonstration

*Gaspé, 12:00, Berceau du Canada 179 Montée Wakeham, Gaspé, QC, Canada G4X1V: Demonstration in solidarity with Amazon and Rojava (

8th November:
*Gaspé: RISEUP4ROJAVA – Solidarity evening with Rojava (

*Barcelona, 18:00, Placa University: March with torches

*Valencia, 12:00, in front of the Turkish embassy: Demonstration

* Limassol, 15:00, Moloz parkta: Demonstration

November 1st
*Copenhagen, 13:00, Christiansborg Palace: Demonstration

*Helsinkî, 14:00, Paasikivenaukio (Kamppi): Demonstratio

*LORIENT, 15h30, Place Aristide Briand 56000 Lorient: Demonstration

*RENNES, 15h30, Place du Colombier: Demonstration

*MARSEILLE, 13h, Canebier: Demonstration

*BOURDEAUX, 17h, Place Stalingrad: Demonstration


*VILLIERS-LE-BEL, 14:00, Train station: Demonstration

*VILLENEUVE, 17:00, In front of the city hall: Demonstration

*TOULOUSE, 14:00, Metro Jean Jaurès: Demonstration

*MONTPELLIER, 14:00, Peyrou Parki: Demonstration

*Bochum, 16:00, DR-RUER-PLACE: Demonstration

* Freiburg, 17:00, Kartoffelplatz: Demonstration

* Mainz, 15:30, Schiller Platz: rally with music & culture
* Berlin, 14:00, Hermannplatz: Demonstration
* Hamburg, 15:00, in front of the Flora: rally with film and dance
* Hamburg, 17:00, Centro Social, event with live connection to Rojava
* Hanover, 14:00, Steintor: Demonstration
* Frankfurt, 15:00, Paulsplatz: rally with music
* Tübingen, 17:30, Am Marktplatz: rally and film
* Stuttgart, 15:00, Rotebühlplatz Stuttgart: Demonstration
* Heilbronn, 16:00, Kliansplatz: Demonstration
* Cologne, 18:00, Heumarkt: Demonstration

* Regensburg, 14:00, Neupfarrplatz: Demonstration

* Nürnberg, 15:00, Hallplatz: Demonstration

* Kiel, 7 p.m., Hermann-Weigmann-Straße 20: Lecture “Defence companies in Kiel, background and criticism, the example of HDW and Rheinmetall
* Flensburg, 20:00: Radio lecture of Make Rojava Green Again, Radio Fratz 98.5 ukw or
* Munich, 4 pm, Karlsplatz (Stachus): Demonstration
* Mannheim, 6 pm, Prade Platz: Demonstration

* Dresden, 18:00, online lecture by FAU: Anti-fascist tours through the Elbe Sandstone Mountains
* Kiel, 7 pm, Alte Meierei(Hornheimer Weg 2): Film “REpresente-The future is now!
* Flensburg, 7 p.m.: Radio interview with Flemming Meyer (SSW) on the PKK ban, Radio Fratz 98.5 ukw or

* Flensburg, 2 pm, Hafenspitze: Exhibition “Rojava: An Experiment. Do it differently!” Harbor Tip

* Flensburg, 4 pm, Infoladen Subtilus: Theme day Rojava
* Flensburg 19 o’clock, Infoladen Subtilus: Kurdish Küfa

* Flensburg, 7 p.m., in the refrigerated warehouse: concert by “Koma Çar Demsal”
* Flensburg, 9 pm, in the whole bakery: Aftershow-Soliparty

* Flensburg, 14 o’clock: Repeat radio interview with Flemming Meyer (SSW) about the PKK prohibition, Radio Fratz 98.5 ukw or

* Flensburg, 7 p.m., in the cold store: Lecture “Jineoloji. The science of women for a free and self-confident life”

* Flensburg, 12-16 o’clock, At the tip of the harbour: Culinary information stand “Living in Flensburg – Death from Flensburg
* Flensburg, 14 o’clock: Repeat radio lecture of Make Rojava Green Again, Radio Fratz 98.5 ukw or

* Komotini, 12:00, Eirini Square: Demonstration

*Athens, 17.00, Propylaia: Demonstration

* 20.00, Online-screening of film: “Shadow of the Kurdish Mountain”

* 19.30 Uhr, Online-screening of film: “Commander Arian. A Story of Women, War and Freedom”

* 19.30 Uhr, Online-screening of film: “El Sol Del Nord”

* Heraklion (Crete), 17:30, in Evangelismos Squat: Discussion with comrades Pola Roupa and Nikos Maziotis about the last brochure on the revolutionary struggle: “For the overcoming of state and capital – for a Confederate Stateles and Classles organization”.

*Heraklion (Crete), 17:30, in the park of Georgiandis: Memorial event to fallen comrades in the fight for a free society in the Middle East and all over the world

*Rome, 16:00, Piazza Mirti: Demonstration

*Cosenza, 17:00, Piazza XI Settembre: Demonstration

*Johannesburg: Zoom Webinar: South Africa’s role in Turkey’s killing fields: The shame of arming the oppressor against the Rojava Revolution (Registration for the webinar in advance under this link: )

*Västerås, 13:00, Sigmatorget: Demonstration


* Stockholm, 12:00, Sergels Torg: Demonstration

*Stockholm, 12:00: Facebook live with the Kurdish women’s organization Amara, Rojavakommittéerna, and the Vänsterpartiet Storstockholm (left party of Stockholm)(

*Stockholm, 13:00, ABF-huset: Seminar to the Kurdish Question – Stop the Turkish State’s aggression and Freedom for Öcalan

* Basel, 14.30, De-Wette-Park: Demonstration
* Basel, 17:45, Union (Klybeckstr.): Celebration of the World Kobane Day: Discussion on Internationalism, Perspectives of the Kurdish Movement, Fight 4 Rojava, Dance

*Zurich, 6pm, cooking area Cinema: Film Ji bo Azadi with input

*Zurich, 7 p.m., Kurdish Cultural Association: Film Commander Arian with Input

*Zurich, 19:00, women*Lesbian Kasama (Militärstr.87a): Information event Jinwar (*for women*, lesbians and other females)

*Zurich, 6:30 p.m., RAF (Flüelastrasse 54): Information event: Current situation (focus on Shengal), Democratic federalism in Rojava and Shengal, presentation of the ‘Time to Freedom’ campaign (Dema Azadiye)

*London, 15:00, Trafalgar Square: Demonstration

*Online screenings, 17:00, more info:


*Online Event: Communication blockade against TUI:

Online event: Kurdish women – a reading group in support with the International Week of Solidarity with Rojava (

Overview of actions during Action Week