Rojava is militarily, ideologically and politically under attack. Rojava needs our support and there are several ways to do so. Below are examples of past actions. The list is not complete but should give an overview, inspire and motivate us to go on. Our resistance must not stop!

Berxwedan Jîyan e! – Resistance is life!

The abbreviation WdR stands for WomenDefendRojava. Women Defend Rojava is a campaign started by the Kurdish Women’s Movement. Allover the world local Women Defend Rojava commitees have been established. Actions marked with WdR are explicitly feminist actions carried out by FLINT* persons.

Sunday, 03.11.


Duesseldorf: Solidarity banners of Fortuna Duesseldorf fans in stadium during football game (WdR)

Freiburg: Chain of people in front of weapon producer Nothrop Grumman Litef

Hambacher Forest: Solidarity photo

Kiel: Death notice by family of Şehit Andok Cotkar


Solothum: Intervention at meeting of Kemalist party CHP


Atlanta: Blockade of railway line near weapon producer Nothrop Grumman

Saturday, 02.11.


Brussels: Spontaneous demonstration in front of Qatar embassy


Copenhagen: Visit and talk to travel company to boycott Turkey


Kaajani: Solidarity photo


Open solidarity call for support from 44 survivors of the attack on Bataclan in Paris 2015


Frankfurt: Blockade of TurkishAirlines check-in at the airport

Wuerzburg: Vigil for Şehits


Amsterdam: Solidarity banners


Euskal Herria in Durango: Solidarity video (WdR)

Madrid: Solidarity dance

Ripolles: Solidarity banner

Xixón: Solidarity photo


Malmoe: Cinema screening of commander Arian and from the Internationalist Commune in Rojava via Skype


Şehba: Demonstrations


NYC: Rally in front of Turkish consulate

Friday, 01.11.


Berlin: Solidarity video with call for the demo on 2nd of november from community space Mehrinhoefe

Berlin: Solidarity graffiti

Berlin: Light installation at „Festival of Lights“

Berlin: Spontaneous feminist demonstration (WdR)

Bochum: Solidarity graffiti

Dresden: Huge YPJ-Flag

Greifswald: Fountain dyed with red colour

Hamburg: Video message of WdR-commitee to World-Kobane day

Leipzig: Performance in the inner city „Tanks for Erdogan“

Leipzig: Solidarity video FfF

Magdeburg: Banners at different bridges

Muenster: Solidarity poem

Unterluess: Protest in front of weapon producer‘s factory Rheinmetall


Thessaloniki: Intervention at Crazyholidays Kamil Koc Travel Agencies


Solidarity letters by leaders from social movements, communities and First Nations from around the world

Thursday, 31.10.


Berlin: Solidarity graffiti

Berlin: Flashmob of „the granddaughters* of the witches which could not be burned“ with flyers and speeches, mobilising for the demo at the 2nd of november (WdR)

Frankfurt: Solidarity graffiti painting video

Jena: Intervention during speech of Germany‘s minister of foreign affairs (Heiko Maas) at a meeting of youth organisation of Germany‘s socialdemocratic party (SPD)

Störung der SPD-Wahlkampfveranstaltung mit Bundesaußenminister – Riseup4Rojava

Aktivist*innen haben eine SPD-Wahlkampfveranstaltung mit dem Bundesaußenminister (Heiko Maas) in Jena, mit Kunstblut und Protest, gestört. Sie haben für 10 Minuten das Podium übernommen und die katastrophale Rolle Deutschland im Krieg gegen das demokratische Projekt in Rojava kritisiert. * Das Rohvideomaterial wurde uns anonym geschickt.

Geplaatst door NIKA Jena – Nationalismus ist keine Alternative op Woensdag 23 oktober 2019

Magdeburg: Solidarity video of WdR „Why to defend Rojava“ (WdR)

Munich: Blockade of TurkishAirlines check-in at the airport

Nuremburg: Halloween-Flashmob with Erdogan masks and flyers

Solidarity call for support from musician and actor Konstantin Wecker


Stockholm: 3 blockades of travelling agency Resia


Solidarity video message of mother of internationalist being currently in Rojava

Boycott Turkey call from intellectual and philosopher Noam Chomsky

Wednesday, 30.10.


London: Kurdish artist Zehra Doğan wall-paints picture of 13-year-old Mihemed Hemid


Berlin: Handing over of 250.000 € check to Heyva Sor

Berlin: WdR solidarity photo (WdR)

Bielefel: Solidarity photo from Feminist Autonomous Acedemy (WdR)

Frankfurt: WdR-Solidarity photo (WdR)

Hamburg: Blockade of credit insurance company Euler Hermes (WdR),

Magdeburg: Feminist manifestation (WdR)


Athens: WdR solidarity photo (WdR)


Wan: Attack on police patrol and arson attack on AKP employee


Solidarity song

Tuesday, 29.10.


Berlin: Arson attack on Veolia car

Bielefeld: Go-in at university lecture and giving a speech

Dresden: Blockade of year conference of National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA)

Unterluess: Blockade of weapon producer‘s factory Rheinmetall



Suleimania: Kurdish girl activist sends video call for support


Warsaw: Manifestation in front of presidential place (WdR)


St Celoni: Occupation of headquarters of BBCAdesahucia Banks (WdR)


Bern: Bycicle demonstration

Monday, 28.10.


Berlin: Play in Maxim Gorki theatre telling about Turkey‘s occupation, womens resistance and solidarity (WdR)

Berlin: Artist Hita Steyerl tells federal institutions to no longer show her art for Germany’s public image until they stop weapon delivery (

Leipzig/ Halle: Blockade of TurkishAirlines check-in at the airport,

Rostock: Colour attack on office of weapon producer Rheinmetall (


Tel Temir: Call for support from internationalist doctors in Rojava


Cadiz: Solidarity banner of football fans

Catalonia: Artistic show in the streets


Solidarity video of artists saying in different languages: „I am your mountain- I am your friend“

Solidarity Song for Şehîd Hevrîn Xelef