Rojava is militarily, ideologically and politically under attack. Rojava needs our support and there are several ways to do so. Below are examples of past actions. The list is not complete but should give an overview, inspire and motivate us to go on. Our resistance must not stop!

Berxwedan Jîyan e! – Resistance is life!

The abbreviation WdR stands for WomenDefendRojava. Women Defend Rojava is a campaign started by the Kurdish Women’s Movement. Allover the world local Women Defend Rojava commitees have been established. Actions marked with WdR are explicitly feminist actions carried out by FLINT* persons.

Monday, 11.10.


Otavalo: Solidarity statement of feminist collective of indigenous Quechua women* (WdR)


Berlin: Solidarity statement of children of self-organised school „Freie Schule Kreuzberg“ with video and paintings

Hannover: Intervention at the election of the mayor with banner and speech (WdR)


Sharazoor: Huge ceremony for Şehit Zana Jalal


Alba: Blockade of Ferrero offices with the demand to stop nut trade with Turkey


Washington: Children paint picture opposite the US Congress