Smash Turkish Fascism

Network to defend the Revolution in Rojava, Smash Turkish Fascism and target its supporters globally

Our Call

Gas Masks Campaign

Turkish forces use chemical weapons against the Guerrilla – Donate now to send Gasmasks to Kurdistan

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The war has never stopped

How to recognize a war when you see one: A in-depth brochure on Turkey’s Low Intensity Warfare” in Rojava

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About us

We are a network of revolutionary collectives organizing solidarity for the Revolution in Rojava and aiming at targeting Turkish fascism and its collaborators

Defend the Revolution

We aim to support the Revolution in Rojava and the other parts of Kurdistan. Our line of action:
Block, Disrupt, Occupy, Inform!

Who arms Turkey?

Turkey’s war against Rojava, the Kurds and the various people’s of the region is only possible due to international support. We aim to gather information and research on who is arming Turkey.


We published materials on a broad spectrum of topics from the History of the revolution and perspectives of those living in it, over Internationalist Perspectives to Low Intensity warfare and Special Warfare tactics.

Target Map: Who arms turkish fascism?

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