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February 2023

The catastrophe triggered by the earthquake was terrible, but the scale of the damage, the tens of thousands of deaths, personal fates and destroyed livelihoods were largely avoidable:

Understanding and disentangling human and political responsibilities in disasters of the magnitude of the earthquake that struck tens of thousands of people in Turkey/Northern Kurdistan on February 6 is as complex as it is necessary.

Most of the media reporting on the suffering of the people inside the Syrian and Turkish state borders have failed (either intentionally or out of ignorance) to point out that the majority of the people in the region are Kurds. But it is also home to Alevis and Arabs and is known to be a democratic stronghold. This is anything but a detail when one knows the history of repression of these people and their efforts at self-organization, which are constantly undermined by governments convinced that unity is achieved through centralization, uniformity and control.

Alarmed by the testimonies of many victims, we have carried out research that reveal old and new abuses in the Southeast of Turkey by the AKP-MHP regime in Ankara.


The war of Turkish fascism against the Kurdish guerrillas in the mountains
has intensified in this year, especially in Southern Kurdistan. There
are daily bombardments from the air and artillery attacks on the
positions of the guerrillas. The attacks by the Turkish army are also
carried out with chemical warfare agents – poison gas! The campaign «Gas
masks for the guerrilla» has already been able to deliver over 700 gas
masks and countless filters to the mountains. But many more are still
needed. That’s why we’re taking another run at it to collect as much
money as we can!

Because the victory of the guerrilla means the downfall of Turkish fascism !

The Guerilla is calling for immediate support. That is why we say: The guerrilla needs gas masks! In order to be able to continue to bring gas masks to the mountains, we call for donations. The money will be used to organize filters and gas masks.

Defending the revolutionary perspective in Kurdistan also means strengthening the revolutionary forces here. And in reverse: In order to strengthen our fight, we have to defend the revolution in Kurdistan!


More information on Turkey’s use of chemical agents in warfare: yoursilencekills.com

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We take actions against the places of military, diplomatic and economical cooperation for Turkish fascism in our countries.

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We prove how the Turkish fascist state is supported by weapon deals, global governments and financial institutions.


We are a worldwide campaign and platform for the defense of the Rojava Revolution and its achievements.