Turkish Offensive in South Kurdistan

This offensive in South Kurdistan is not a small tactical operation or merely a maneuver to move forces from point A to point B. It marks the beginning of the summer offensive anticipated by the Kurdish freedom movement since April this year. As early as…
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The War Road Project

The “Development Road Project”, as envisioned, encircles South Kurdistan…Instead of calling it the “Development Road Project”, it would be more accurate and understandable to call it the “Occupation and War Road Project”.
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Turkey stuck with preparations for operation in the Gara Mountains

Turkey stuck with preparations for operation in the Gara Mountains June 2024 Update & Explainer – Southern Kurdistan / Iraq: As previously reported, Turkey announced a comprehensive military operation in the Gara Mountains this summer, but guerrilla resistance has foiled its plans. Earlier this year,…

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New attacks on north-east Syria

For weeks, Turkey has been launching massive artillery attacks on areas in northern and eastern Syria. The regions most affected are around Minbic, Shehba, and Ain Issa. Fears of further escalation in northeastern Syria by Turkey are growing. This follows a sudden legal amendment by…
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Abdullah Öcalan’s May the 1st message

Since the 1980s, Abdullah Öcalan has always used the international day of struggle of the working class as an opportunity to analyse the situation of the world socialist movement and to derive perspectives for the struggle for self-determination and socialism in Kurdistan and the Middle…
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