The turkish fascist state is supported by weapon deals, worldwide governments and financial institutions. Without this support, the fascist state would not be able to occupy foreign territory like Afrin in Rojava, crack down on uprisings led by the political opposition in Turkey and lead a dirty war against the kurdish liberation movement in North Kurdistan.

With an overview and background information, we want to inform about this economical and political connection. This information is provided in a wiki, that is constantly expanding and updated. With the help of an OpenStreetMap, the weapons industry in countries that support the Turkish state through deliveries are graphically marked.

The expansion and improvement of the wiki & the OpenStreetMap depend on active participation. You researched and found more or other sources? Send us reports and information. The wiki is not freely editable, but the OpenStreetMap can be edited by anyone without registration.

We also need help to translate the wiki into different languages. For that, contact us here.

Who is supporting turkish fascism?

Map of Weapon Industry delivery to Turkey

See full screen

Further informations, links & brochures.

Who’s Arming Turkey: The locations of arms industry companies in the UK that profit from Turkey’s war against the Kurds. By Plan C [UK].

Boycott Turkey

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