Here you can find our posters, flyers and other materials related to the campaign. Numerous posters of local initiatives are also available.

Feel free to print and duplicate the existing posters by yourself. If you need larger amounts of materials, you can contact us.

Go out and stick posters in your city, school, factory or neighbourhood. Be creative and participate in spreading the campaign #riseup4rojava!

#SmashTurkishFascism: 15th August 2020 - share pictures (2 pictures for each language)


QR-code for 15th August Call


Flyer to distribute at events!

PDF below ↓  Jpeg here

English                     Català

Portugues                French

German                  Spanish

Events to be edited 1
Events to be edited 2

PDF of mobilisation Flyer in A5 

(two sided) to print

QR-code for November Call