Resistance is Life Clip

Resistance is Life: From the free mountains to Rojava, from the prisons to the streets of Europe, from Kurdistan to Abya Yala, from Imrali to the whole world!
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Interview Hesen Kocer

Exclusive Interview with Hesen Koçer, Executive Council Co-Chair of the Democratic Autonomous Administration of North-East Syria: We spoke with Hesen Koçer about the extend and effects of the attacks. With large parts of critical infrastructure destroyed Hesen Koçer evaluates the current situation, unveils the Turkish propaganda…
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Christmas Attacks on Rojava: Call to Action

On December 23, 2023, the Turkish state launched a brutal bombing campaign against civilian infrastructure in Rojava (northern Syria). With the area still struggling to recover from the attacks it suffered in early October, this new series of raids is preventing any stabilization of the…
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Justice for our murdered ComRADES in Paris!

Just one year ago, on December 23, 2022, three comrades were murdered near CDK-F (Kurdish cultural center), in the heart of Paris. This murder took place almost 10 years to the day after the assassination of three other comrades on January 9, 2013, in the…
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