38 years of Armed Struggle of the PKK in Kurdistan

The 15th of August and the ongoing and unbroken guerrilla warfare in Kurdistan is the proof nothing is impossible and the hope for another world does not have to stay a dream or distant utopia. This brochure shows the impression of this reality and can become a source of inspiration and power for the readers in the imperialist metropolises. This makes it even more important to take this knowledge of the past 38 years of the revolutionary movement and to make it accessible and to collectivize it. With this one and many other brochures and texts there were many steps taken in this direction, but still there is a sheer infinite treasure trove of experience and knowledge concealed.
It is the task of all of us to appropriate this knowledge, to study the experiences of the revolution in Kurdistan on the basis of authentic material and to incorporate them in the fights for freedom worldwide.

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