Audio message from Rojava, 20th June 2020

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With the large-scale bombings that hit the Sengal Mountains, large parts of the Medya defence areas and the refugee camp Maxmur during the night of June 15th, a new stage of the extermination war that the fascist regime in Ankara has unleashed against the peoples of the region and the revolutionary forces of the Middle East is beginning.

On June 17th, Turkish occupation troops advanced into the areas of the Southern Kurdish region of Haftanin in Northern Iraq and started a comprehensive ground invasion. Using the most advanced war technology and constant air support, thousands of Turkish occupation troops are trying to make their way to the free mountains of Southern Kurdistan at the moment.

Under permanent bombardment and drumming artillery fire, the guerrilla forces of HPG and YJA-Star are offering a heroic and bitter resistance and do not allow the enemy to enter the liberated areas.

The aim of the Turkish colonial fascism is to advance into the heart of the freedom movement, into the brain of the revolution of Kurdistan and the Middle East, into the free mountains, and to bring large parts of South Kurdistan permanently under its control. The invasion in Southern Kurdistan is not a small, temporary operation, it is part of a broad concept of annihilation and will not be limited to a few areas on the border.

A few hours ago, the foreign minister of the fascist regime announced that the Silemani region in the Southern part of the autonomous region is largely under the control of terrorists and that the operation will continue until all areas are cleaned up. The AKP-MHP regime openly announces the occupation of Southern Kurdistan and large parts of Iraq and reveals its real intentions. Ankara makes no secret of the fact that the aim of its expansion policy is the occupation of all areas from Aleppo in Syria to Mosul and Kerkuk in Iraq in the medium term. In the long term, the aim is nothing less than the resurrection of the Ottoman Empire. Whether in Idlib, Libya, Rojava, or Northern Iraq, the true face of Turkish occupation policy is clearly visible.

The invasion in Southern Kurdistan is not unexpected considering the political situation. The preparations of the regime and its allies have been clearly visible for a long time. Already in 2018 and 2019, Sengal, Mexmur and the Medya defense areas, the civilian population and the resistance fighters became the target of Turkish air strikes.

Since the 1980s, the Turkish fascism made dozens of attempts to penetrate into the areas of Southern Kurdistan in order to rob the guerrilla forces of the freedom movement of their retreat and to silence the resistance in Turkey and Northern Kurdistan. With determined and successful resistance, the revolutionary forces always managed to beat back the Turkish invaders and teach them a lesson that they deserve.

With the support of their local collaborators and the backing of imperialism, first and foremost, the United States of America and the International Coalition, they are now trying again to take control of the centre and headquarters of the freedom movement.

For the global resistance movement, it is of utmost importance to understand correctly the meaning of this attack and the threat it poses to the revolutionary process in the region. Even though, unlike the recent occupation offensive against the liberated areas of Northeast Syria, no live tickers are reporting on the front lines and the official media of the system are probably very sparse in reporting on the developments. Everyone must understand that we are talking about war, occupation, massacre and displacement in the same way. Just like in the trenches of Northeast Syria, it is now in Haftanin, in Xakurke, in Bradost, courageous revolutionary women and men, our comrades, our friends, who oppose the occupiers in the resistance posts up in the mountains of Kurdistan. Even if the regions may differ, the enemy is the same, his aim is the same: the suppression of the freedom movement, the annihilation of the Kurdish people and the occupation of an entire region.

Just like last year, the attack in Southern Kurdistan is nothing more than the prelude to another occupation attack against the revolution in Northeast Syria. The fascist regime in Ankara and its backers, first of all the USA and NATO have made the decision together: Either they will force the Freedom Movement to surrender or they will wipe it out militarily. But the Freedom Movement itself made its decision a long time ago: Resistance until victory.

Therefore, we call on all comrades not to remain standing still, not to wait any longer, but to act with determination and courage. All discussions about whether and when the next attack against Rojava will begin or not are nothing but idle talk and a waste of time, given the situation. The war has already begun a long time ago, the war is raging with all hardness and if the Turkish fascism should not be broken, so also the next offensive against Rojava will not be long in coming. We must finally leave the defensive position and go into the offensive. As long as we wait and orientate ourselves according to when and where the enemy is going to attack, we let a position be forced upon us as a passive object in the political process.

The war in Southern Kurdistan, Northern Kurdistan, Rojava, the political annihilation operations against the democratic opposition at home inside Turkey, the continuing isolation against Abdullah Öcalan, and the situation of the prisoners are all part of one and the same concept.

A concept whose architect is not Turkish fascism alone but rather all the forces of capitalist modernity contribute to it. NATO is in all this the direct accomplice of Turkish fascism and accordingly the resistance and protest has to be carried to the streets of the metropolises, has to be carried into the heart of the capitalist system

As long as the extermination concept of Turkish fascism is not smashed, the war will continue and the threat against the achievements of the revolution will continue. The actors may be different, but the common goal of building a free and democratic Middle East unites the revolutionary front. That is why defending Rojava today means overcoming the divisions in our minds and viewing the revolutionary process in the region as a whole.

Defending Rojava, therefore, also means to stand up against the occupation and massacres in South Kurdistan and to resist the occupation in one front with all forces of resistance, with the guerrilla and the peoples of South Kurdistan.

Whether in the plains of Northeast Syria or in the mountains of Kurdistan, the heroic struggle against Turkish fascism must be supported with all necessary means. Together we will be able to defeat fascism and its henchmen once and for all and lead the revolution to success.


Victory to the Revolutionary People’s War in Kurdistan!

Death to fascism!

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