[Basel] Credit Suisse funds Erdogans war!

On 22nd of June, during a demonstration in the Swiss city of Basel, it was made clear that anti-fascism and internationalism are inseparable:

Statement on the action against Credit Suisse:

“[…] Antifascism has no sense if it is locally limited, it must be internationalistic. For as we can see, the tendency towards authoritarian, reactionary governments is a global one. All over the world, the powerful know no other way to help themselves than with racist and patriarchal programs. This development has names: Bolsonaro, Trump or Erdogan.

We are here before the CS. The transposition points out that Credit Suisse actively supports Turkish fascism. […]

We also want to remember Lorenzo Orsetti here. Lorenzo is an Italian anti-fascist who fought against the IS in Rojava and died in March. On Monday he will be buried in his hometown. His struggle will live on in our hearts and in our struggles!

Down with fascism, all over the world! Long live the international solidarity!

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