[Berlin] Action at federal press conference

Internationalists against the isolation on German federal press conference

At the federal press conference in Berlin, the hunger strike of
thousands of people against the isolation of the kurdish thinker and
leader Abdullah Öcalan was called attention to.

With the words "We didn't want to disturb for long, we'll leave right
away", four activists at today's federal press conference, with the
presence of several government speakers as for example Steffen Seibert,
attracted attention with banners in their hands to the Kurdish hunger
strike against Abdullah Öcalan's isolation. Before they were accompanied
out of the room by the security service, they were able to read a short

"We are here today to draw attention to the hunger strike of 7000
people, as this topic is not being discussed in the German media. We
condemn the German Government's political and military cooperation with
the AKP regime. The hunger strikers are calling for Abdullah Ocalan's
isolation and solitary confinement to be lifted. They are committed to
democratic change in Turkey. German weapons out of Kurdistan!

Their banners also blamed the silence in front of the more then 7000
hunger strikers and raised attention for the new international campaign
to defend the Rojava revolution and its achievements
 #riseup4rojava – smash turkish fascism! https://riseup4rojava.org

It was said that two activists were detained. But the video spread
published by the present journalist and attracted a good a wide attention.
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