No War in Northern Syria – Day X Mobilisation

No War on Northern Syria

Day X Mobilisation – Smash Turkish Fascism

As the RiseUp4Rojava campaign, the Internationalist Commune in Rojava, and Young Internationalist Women, we call for a worldwide mobilisation against the rising threat of a new large scale Turkish invasion of Northern Syria/Rojava.

On May 23rd 2022 Erdogan announced that Turkey will launch a operation to create a 30km deep “security-zone” on it’s southern Boarder. This is nothing less then a threat of yet another invasion in Rojava and Northern Syria. In the recent weeks the AKP-MHP regime threatened repeatedly to attack. When the U.S. administration recently lifted some of the sanctions imposed on Syria and the democratic Self-Administration in Northern Syria, Erdogan responded by saying that Turkey is going to continue their cross-boarder operations in Northern Syria exactly like they are doing in Southern Kurdistan. Parallel to these verbal threats artillery shelling and aerial attacks have increased drastically in various regions of Northern Syria.

In light of the developments of recent weeks, we hereby renew our Day X call of 2019, which was the basis for hundreds of thousands of people around the world to take to the streets on October 9, 2019, in response to the Turkish army’s attack against the cities of Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî, against the war, and in solidarity with the resistance. The war and the resistance have never stopped. Using a wide variety of means, the Turkish state has been continuously attacking the Freedom Movement in Kurdistan, both in the north/Turkey, in the south/Iraq and in northern Syria/Rojava. A “low intensity” and from time to time “high intensity” war is being waged against the movement and the people.

The people in Northern Syria are resisting this ongoing war against the various peoples in the region, who long for a peaceful and respectful life together. Since 2012, they have taken their fate into their own hands and have since been trying to build a self-administered, democratic society for themselves. In particular, women’s freedom and the pioneering role of women within society and in defending the achievements of the revolution play an important role in this. After the people of Rojava were able to successfully defend themselves against IS, the Turkish state began targeted attacks against the region. Since then, the fascist Turkish state has occupied key regions of the democratic self-administration in Northern Syria in three operations in 2016, 2018, and 2019. The consequences of this are exploitation, oppression, and forced demographic change.

In the course of the NATO accessions of Sweden and Finland, Turkey announced that it would only agree to the accession of the Scandinavian countries under certain conditions. Turkey is demanding, among other things, an end to export restrictions on armaments, the suspension of diplomatic relations with the autonomous self-administration in Northern Syria and the recognition of Turkish security concerns and support in the fight against terrorism. It is likely that Turkey will also demand concessions for continued operations in Northern Syria/Rojava as part of the talks. And it is precisely this point that is essential for us: the Turkish state is conducting its dictatorial genocidal and assimilation policy with international support. Without this support of military, financial, logistical and political-diplomatic nature, Turkey’s wars of aggression and its aggressive foreign policy would be unimaginable: Syria, Northern Iraq, the war in Kurdistan, Qarabağ-Armenia, Libya, Mediterranean Cyprus – all these are direct or indirect products of the international support that the Turkish state receives for its crimes. We want to put an end to this with an international front against Turkish fascism.

In October 2019, we saw that we have the power to put international pressure on Turkish fascism. We’ve also shown that we can cause huge damages to the Turkish fascist state and the war machinery by focusing on physical targets of Turkish interest in our countries, putting our common strength together. Together with the People’s Self-Defense Forces and the people in Northern Syria, we are also part of the resistance worldwide. We must therefore also play our part and fulfill our responsibility in defending the revolution!

That is why we are mobilising for the Day X of a renewed invasion against the liberated areas in Northern Syria. Be prepared, because the signs show that it can start at any time!

Now is the time to prepare ourselves, to mobilise, to fight together on the same front and to be aware of the acute danger! We have to see our struggles for freedom as connected and fight with a common spirit of resistance. As democratic forces worldwide, we must build a lasting political resistance that can prevent the collaboration with Turkish fascism in our countries.

For this, it is necessary to put the issue on the agenda everywhere and to take action NOW: in the streets, in media, in factories, companies, all work places, classrooms, etc. in our countries; then we can develop a common force against Turkey’s war plans.

If it comes to the Day X, the beginning of a new Turkish invasion, then: Let’s take the streets, make actions, occupy, disrupt and block! Together we defend the revolution and take the war back to the responsible places, profiteers, companies and governments!

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Together we can stop the war and Turkish aggression! No war against Kurdistan and Northern Syria!



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