Our solidarity to the December 8 defendants and victims of repression

Statement From Internationalists in Rojava:
Our solidarity to the December 8 defendants and victims of repression

We, internationalists in Rojava, are keeping a close eye on the turning point that the December 8th affair represents for the criminalization of political activities and opinions in France. French justice will soon pronounce itself about whether having socialist and anarchist political convictions is a crime. If a way of life that tries to distance itself from the capitalist system, which encourages individualism and selfishness, justifies the use of psychological torture such as imprisonment, strip searches or total isolation. If people who were fighting against Daesh, not only for Middle East but for all people of the world, should be forgotten and seen as terrorist.

At a time when systemic problems are ravaging our planet, when hunger and death are being casually organized by anti-migration policies, by water deprivation and by extreme liberalism, when popular revolts broke out not long ago after Nahel’s murder, underlining the scale of the social tension and violence into which we are being thrown, the DGSI, in all its farsightedness, tries to criminalize revolutionaries and portray people who wants to fight for freedom and a better world as a terrorist. In a country governed by the rule of law, the acts of which our comrades are accused should not be the subject of terrorist charges. If the DGSI or the PNAT struggle to see valid enemies, we unfortunately have a long list to show them. There’s no need for imagination when faced with the reality of our world. What were the DGSI and the PNAT doing when the attacks against our Kurdish comrades – especially women – were being prepared? When they were being murdered in the streets of Paris?

The use of psychological torture against people because of their political opinions and experiences is in the same vein as the violence inflicted on the Gilets Jaunes, the Sainte-Soline environmentalists or the riot rebels. When political repression grows ever stronger and more systematic, it’s everyone’s duty to stand up and send a clear message:

No, those charged on December 8th do not deserve the treatment they have received, particularly imprisonment and isolation.

No, the December 8th defendants will not be forgotten.

No, we will not abandon our political ideals in the face of injustice and violence: to resist is to live.

Drop all charges and pay reparations to the December 8th defendants!

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