Christmas Attacks on Rojava: Call to Action

On December 23, 2023, the Turkish state launched a brutal bombing campaign against civilian infrastructure in Rojava (northern Syria). With the area still struggling to recover from the attacks it suffered in early October, this new series of raids is preventing any stabilization of the region

Justice for our murdered ComRADES in Paris!

Just one year ago, on December 23, 2022, three comrades were murdered near CDK-F (Kurdish cultural center), in the heart of Paris. This murder took place almost 10 years to the day after the assassination of three other comrades on January 9, 2013, in the same geographical area. While there is little doubt about the involvement of the Turkish state in these attacks, the real masterminds are still at large. Here’s a look back at the attacks.

One Year after the Paris Massacre: Our answer has to be Internationalism

On 23rd of December 2022, approaching the 10th anniversary of the assassination of Sakine Cansiz (co-founder of the PKK), Fidan Doğan (Kurdistan National Congress) and Layla Söylemez (Kurdistan Youth Movement), the brutal assassination of Emine Kara (Evîn Goyî), Abdurrahman Kızıl and Mîr Perwer occcured in front of the Ahmet-Kaya Kurdish cultural center in Paris. Perpetuating the narrative that the attack was of a racially motivated xenophobic origin, this ruse intends to hide the true nature of the suppression of the Kurdish people, attempting to silence the voices of over 40 million and their struggle for justice and peace.

Truth and justice!

Eleven years have passed since comrades Sakine Cansız (Sara), Fidan Doğan (Rojbîn) and Leyla Şaylemez (Ronahî) were murdered in cold blood by a Turkish secret service agent on January 9, 2013. Sara, founder of the PKK, tireless resistance fighter in prison and emblematic figure of the women’s movement; Rojbîn, responsible for the Kurdish movement’s diplomacy in France, organizer of international solidarity; Ronahî, activist of the youth movement, who became a symbol of young women’s insubordination to colonial rule. There is no doubt that this bloody act was ordered by Turkish dictator Reccep Tayip Erdoğan. The assassin, Ömer Güney, acted under the direct instructions of senior members of the Turkish government and its intelligence apparatus, as evidenced by an audio recording of a conversation between the assassin and MIT agents, as well as notes from these same services. Yet neither the French justice system nor any of the responsible European institutions have shed any light on this dark crime.

New Social COntract for Northern & eastern Syria

The Northern and Eastern Syria region has approved an updated the “Social Contract” serving as a constitution for the region, which was first approved in 2014. It is put into effect without a public referendum.
The contract establishes a democratic, environmental and socially-progressive political system with a focus on women’s rights and freedom.

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