CALL: 9 years of Revolution in Rojava – WE CONTINUE TO “UNITE IN RESISTANCE”


– 9 years of Revolution in Rojava –


Solidarity with the anti-fascist resistance of the guerrillas in the mountains and of the people in Rojava.

On July 19, 2012, the people of Kobanê took their fate into their own hands, chased away the henchmen of the Assad regime and began to build their own self-government. On the following day, July 20, the people in Efrîn did the same, and in the coming months the people in Cizir followed them step by step. Since then, 9 years have passed.

Rojava is a struggle for all of us

In these 9 years, Rojava has been and continues to be exposed to a variety of attacks on physical-military, economic, ideological, social, diplomatic-political and psychological levels. Rojava and the Freedom Movement in the 4 parts of Kurdistan – despite the difficult and complicated situation and conditions – has proven to be a bulwark against fascism during these 9 years. The IS (Islamic State) has been put to an end and an independent line has been defended against any attempts of appropriation by regional and international-imperialist forces. That is why Rojava is a struggle for all of us, a sign of hope, a symbol that even in the 21st century the oppressed can take their destiny into their own hands and write their own history of successful resistance and liberation.

Rojava is a revolution for all of us

Rojava has established itself as the revolution of the future for a free life. In this socialist revolution of the 21st century, there is space for everyone. Today, in a region shattered for hundreds of years by colonialism, nationalism and racism, Kurds and Arabs, Armenians and Assyrians, Muslims and Christians live together and try to reshape their world themselves. Rojava is a revolution for all of us, showing the way forward for women’s liberation, ecological economics, and self-determined grassroots democracy. Rojava is the proof that capitalism is not the “end of history”, but that we ourselves can continue to write history and overcome capitalism.

Efrîn, Serêkaniyê, Heftanîn, Metîna, Zap and Avaşîn – Antifascist Resistance

Rojava and the revolution in Kurdistan is threatened because, as small as it may be geographically, it challenges the existing and shows a clear alternative. The revolution in Kurdistan is now more than just a thorn in the side of the imperialists and the fascists. For them it represents a great danger that they fear. Against this background, they are doing everything in their power to wipe out the guarantee of the revolution, the PKK, and the guerrillas. The attack of Turkish fascism on the liberated mountains of the Medya Defense Areas is an attack on all the achievements of the revolution. As the revolution in Rojava continues to be defended on the frontlines of Efrîn, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî, it is defended nowadays especially in Metîna, Zap, and Avaşîn.

The Guerrilla, the People, and International Solidarity

The victory over fascism – which terrorises the peoples of the region, and occupies and colonises Kurdistan – is not far away. This victory is possible today and now, if we realize that there is no difference between the guerrilla and Rojava, but that every attack on the guerrilla is an attack on Rojava. The guerrillas, the people in Northern and Southern Kurdistan, as well as in Rojava are resisting heroically. A resistance against fascism and colonialism, a resistance for self-determination and a free and dignified life.

In the same way, we have to defend the revolution in Rojava, which we defended internationally in 2014 in the time of Kobanê, in 2018 in the time of Efrîn, and in 2019 in the time of Serêkaniyê. We have to defend it internationally today by standing in solidarity with the guerrillas and by fighting fascism wherever we meet it.

On the 9th anniversary of the revolution in Rojava, with the spirit of the heroic resistance of the guerrillas right now in Metîna, Zap, and Avaşîn, we call upon you to disrupt, block and occupy Turkish fascism, its institutions and international support.

From 17th -19th July, let us take the streets everywhere in solidarity with the resistance of the guerrillas, in joy for the birthday of the revolution, and in hatred towards fascism, and let both our anger and our joy express itself in creative ways, especially with creative actions against the tourism industry on 19th July!

Together, we continue to Unite in Resistance!

Together, we will Smash Turkish Fascism!

Together, we will Defend Rojava!

Together, we will Defend Kurdistan!

Rise Up 4 Rojava – Campaign

Internationalist Commune of Rojava

Young Internationalist Women


Concept for the Action Days for the anniversary of the Rojava Revolution

Action Days: 17th-19th July 2021

Slogan: We continue to Unite in Resistance; Smash Turkish Fascism


Hashtags: #UniteInResistance






Main focus: Achievements 9 Years of Revolution; The Guerrilla is the Guarantor to Defend the Revolution in Rojava and Everywhere


Aim and schedule:

1) 17th -18th July: Demonstrations and Solidarity Actions everywhere to welcome the revolution and the resistance of the guerrilla

2) 19th July: Decentral actions against Turkish fascism – focusing mainly on tourism

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