CALL: The Spirit of 15th August is Alive!


The Spirit of 15th August is Alive!

#UniteInResistance with the Gerîla’s heroic struggle for freedom!

Take Action, and together we #SmashTurkishFascism

15th August is not just any date. For 37 years now, its historical significance is remembered throughout Kurdistan, the Middle East, Europe and beyond. It marks not only a significant day, but has introduced an epoch of hope, resistance, and revolutionary struggle that continues and is revived in the everyday struggle in Kurdistan, giving inspiration to millions around the world!

15th August 1984 marks the beginning of the Kurdish Freedom Movement’s armed struggle and guerrilla war, when PKK forces – after years of preparation – attacked police and military stations in Eruh and Şemzinan in occupied Northern Kurdistan (Bakur), giving a decisive response to Turkish colonialism, and marking a crucial turning point to the then widespread atmosphere of hopelessness and defeat. The decisive actions of a small group, led by Şehîd Agit (Mahsum Korkmaz), against the Turkish fascists broke the atmosphere of defeat, and continued the legacy of the heroic prison resistance of 14th July 1982. After the fascist coup of 12th September 1980 in Turkey, most revolutionary movements and oppositional voices were either crushed or chose to seek refuge in exile. But the resistance in the infamous Amed prison in 1982, and the determined actions of 15th August in 1984 shocked the fascists, and have not only set in motion, but also manifested a revolutionary process that continues today!

The action of a small group soon turned into the struggle of millions. The mass uprisings in the 1990s, the achievements in the field of democratic politics, and the revolution of Rojava – all this would not have been possible if the offensive of 15th August had not happened. 15th August is not an ordinary anniversary or just a day of remembrance; 15th August is the starting point of the now groundbreaking revolutionary process in the region; it is a day to renew our promise to continue the revolutionary struggle with determination every day!

The spirit of determined resistance of 15th August is with utmost dedication and heroism exemplified in the guerrillas’ daily resistance against Turkish Fascism. For over 100 days now, the guerrilla is writing another epic story, resisting heroically and defending the revolution in the Middle East and beyond against the all-out assault by the Turkish fascist state on the guerrilla-controlled regions of Metîna, Zap, and Avaşîn since 23rd April of this year. The fascist AKP-MHP dictatorship of Turkey has done everything, especially with a concrete concept for the past 6 years, to break the will of freedom and resistance of the Kurdish people and of all anti-fascist forces in the region. The current all-out assault by the Turkish fascist state is the continuation of the war in the cities of Northern Kurdistan in 2015 and 2016, the invasion in Efrîn in 2018, Girê Spî and Serêkaniyê in 2019, as well as the wars of aggression against the guerrillas in the areas of Xakurkê and Heftanîn. We cannot emphasise enough: Standing behind and defending the achievements of the revolution in Rojava means also standing behind and defending the heroic struggle of the guerrilla, following the spirit of resistance and revolutionary determination of 15th August.

Turkish fascism cannot act by its own. The revolution in Kurdistan and the Middle East is attacked daily by opportunist and imperialist governments of the world, especially the USA, and Western European as well as other states, who together with collaborators and capitalist beneficiaries enable with technological, military, financial, political, and diplomatic support the attacks by the fascist AKP-MHP regime.

Therefore, as anti-fascist and revolutionary forces, it is important to continue showing our solidarity, and defending the revolution by taking actions against all the places of military, diplomatic and economic cooperation for Turkish fascism in our countries and around the globe.

We call upon everybody to continue to Unite In Resistance! Take the initiative with creative actions to the streets!

Block, Disturb, Occupy.

Check out the target map on RiseUp4Rojava’s website!

With the spirit of resistance of 15th August, and united with the guerrilla’s struggle, we will defeat Turkish fascism, defend Kurdistan, and build up the free life

The revolution in the Middle East will win – fascism will be crushed.

Long live international solidarity!

Internationalist Commune of Rojava

Young Internationalist Women

RiseUp4Rojava Campaign

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