On the 9 th October we insist in fighting against isolation, fascism and occupation – The time to ensure freedom is now

On the 9th October we insist in fighting against isolation, fascism and occupation – The time to ensure freedom is now

#UniteInResistance #SmashTurkishFascism

Last year, on the 9th October we declared our full support for the KCK-Campaign „End isolation, fascism, occupation; Time to Ensure Freedom”. On this years 9th October we want to renew our continuous support for the campaign and all efforts to the freedom of Abdullah Öcalan.

The 9th October is an important date in the history of the freedom struggle in Kurdistan. It is the day, when in 1998 Öcalan had to leave Syria, which became the beginning of a 4 month odyssey, that ended with him being captured and brought to Imrali prison Island on the 15th February 1999. The Kurdish Freedom Movement refer to this day, due to the direct involvement of many states around the world and the leading role of the US in the process, as the beginning of the international conspiracy against A. Öcalan and the Kurdish people.

The 9th October marks also the day, when in 2019 the Turkish fascist state started its major invasion against Rojava, attacking Serekaniye and GireSpi. 12 days of fierce fighting followed. On the one side horrible war crimes committed by the Turkish invaders, on the other side heroic resistance by the women and men that fought without compromise to defend Rojava, their home and revolution. As a result Serekaniye and GireSpi were eventually occupied by the fascists, but the fighting is continuing ever since.

Last year, 9th October 2020, the Şengal-Agreement was signed between Hewler and Baghdad, KDP and Iraqi government. This agreement was initiated by the US and openly supported by Turkey. Its aim is clear: Destroy the Autonomous Administration in Şengal, drive out all revolutionary, anti-fascist, democratic forces and replace them with another proxy leadership, assigned from outside, which acts according to the interests of the regional and international capitalist forces. Since then the people of Şengal continue to resist successfully, but the pressure is high, Iraqi and KDP forces threaten Şengal to invade and Turkey is unceasingly conducting airstrikes against the people and movement in Şengal.

The 9th October has become a day of pain for the Kurdish people. We have to turn it around and make it together a day of resistance and victory against the dirty plans of the capitalists.

We, the #RiseUp4Rojava – Campaign declare:

1. We stand behind any effort for the Freedom of Abdullah Öcalan and we continue to support the campaign „End isolation, fascism, occupation; Time to Ensure Freedom”!

2. On the second anniversary of the war in Serekaniye and GireSpi we remember all comrades that gave their life in the fight against fascism and colonialism and we promise to continue our struggle shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand with the resisting, anti-fascist people and forces in Rojava, Kurdistan and all Middle East. Together we will fight to liberate the occupied territories and to smash Turkish fascism.

3. We oppose any attempt that is taken against the free will of the people in Şengal. KDP, which left the Yazidi people alone, when they were facing ISIS, has no right and legitimization to return to Şengal. For this reason we support the Autonomous Administration in Şengal.

Together we will continue to #UniteInResistance!

We will #SmashTurkishFascism!

#RiseUp4Rojava – Campaign,


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