Call for actions against the latest attacks on the revolution in Rojava: Unmask the alliance of Turkish fascism with the IS jihadists!

The Turkish state has been intensifying its attacks on the self-administration in NE Syria and Shengal for weeks, using drones and artillery attacks in an attempt to displace and intimidate the population.

Through the Turkish occupation, the structures of the Islamic State are further strengthened and directly supported.

This support found its strongest expression in the latest latest massive and coordinated attack by Islamist to free captured IS fighters from the Sina prison in Hesekê.

We as #Riseup4Rojava initiative call for taking to the streets, demonstrations and actions to make the world conscious about the alliance of Daesh and the Turkish state and to hold the Turkish state accountable!

On January 20, the 4th anniversary of the beginning of the Turkish invasion on Efrîn, a massive number of IS-jihadists attacked Sina prison in Hesekê. They were trying to free the 5,000 IS fighters imprisoned there, who started a revolt inside the prison during the external attacks and tried to escape.

In the neighborhood around the prison, heavy fighting broke out between the internal security forces and the Islamist’s.

The attack is the largest ISIS attack since the liberation of the last areas held by Daesh since 3 years.

While fighting was going on in Hesekê, on January 21, the Turkish army bombed a vehicle belonging to the Self-Defense Forces, which was on its way to Hesekê to fight against the Islamist sleeper cells.

A drone strike also occurred in Shengal, killing two members of the Yazidi Self-Defense Forces.

The Turkish attacks on the Yazidi people are the continuation of the genocide by Daesh, which was ended by the fighters of the Kurdish Freedom Movement!

Without the support of the Turkish occupation, the strengthening of ISIS in the region would not be possible.

Daesh´s forces are supported and built up by the Turkish secret service, former Daesh-fighters find place in the ranks of the so-called “Syrian National Army” the mercenary units that tyrannize the people in the occupied areas under Turkish control. Through these attacks, the Turkish fascism tries to destabilize the region and the self-administration in North-East Syria and Shengal.

The threatening attacks and artillery bombardments that took place simultaneously by the forces of Turkish fascism are direct support for the attack of the IS sleeper cells.

The fights are not over! The threat by the forces of Turkish fascism and Daesh are recent!
The fights in Hesekê are still continuing. Several friends from the Defence Forces of Rojava did fall Şehîd in the struggle to stop the ISIS-mercenaries. The army of Turkish fascism is trying to make progress at the frontlines at Ain Issa and Til Temir. Turkish fascism and their mercenaries are trying to profit from the situation in Hesekê!
This is a serious threat for the revolution in Rojava right now, we have to act! Now!

Take action! Address and unmask the collaboration of Daesh and the Turkish fascism!

Through a “low intensity war”, the Turkish fascism is trying to carry out its attacks without much publicity, because it is afraid of the pressure of the international civil society.

We have to repel this strategy! It is our duty to show solidarity with the people of Rojava and to bring the crimes and the profiteers of the fascist Turkish regime to the public!

The Turkish state and the NATO powers collaborating with it must be held accountable for the years of support of the IS jihadists!

The rage that this alliance of patriarchal and fascist forces arouses in us must be taken to the streets!

Mark the weapon and drone industry!

The Turkish army’s combat drones are one of the main instruments used against the people of Rojava and Shengal, through the support of capitalist industrial companies, Turkey continues to expand its fleet of combat drones.

It is necessary to mark, block and hold accountable the companies that provide Turkey with materials, technology and knowledge to wage war against the Kurdish liberation movement!

A map of the companies involved in Turkey’s drone program can be found here:

( &

We must not allow the actions of the Turkish occupation against Rojava to once again not receive international attention!

It is time to take actions, to disturb, to block and occupy, it is time to take to the streets!

RiseUp4Rojava Coordination


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