One Year after the Paris Massacre: Our answer has to be Internationalism

One Year after the Paris Massacre: Our answer has to be Internationalism


On 23rd of December 2022, approaching the 10th anniversary of the assassination of Sakine Cansiz (co-founder of the PKK), Fidan Doğan (Kurdistan National Congress) and Layla Söylemez (Kurdistan Youth Movement), the brutal assassination of Emine Kara (Evîn Goyî), Abdurrahman Kızıl and Mîr Perwer occcured in front of the Ahmet-Kaya Kurdish cultural center in Paris. Perpetuating the narrative that the attack was of a racially motivated xenophobic origin, this ruse intends to hide the true nature of the suppression of the Kurdish people, attempting to silence the voices of over 40 million and their struggle for justice and peace. Immediately after, people took to the streets denouncing this blatant masquerade, even the mayor of the 10th arrondissement admitted that the “real motivation” is in question. News coverage was spare, mostly showing not the murders, but the protests there after, undermining the real issue at heart and again portraying the Kurdish diaspora in a negative light. This narrative is time and time again being peddled by western state medias. It is clear for everyone to see that this was not just a random attack, but one orchestrated by the Turkish state and its NATO allies.

This brazen, open colluding between the French government and the fascist Turkish state is not new, this is the second time in recent years where the Turkish intelligence agency, without restrictions, has been given free reign to carry out executions in the broad daylight of Paris in an attempt to thwart the resilience of the Kurdish people and their movement. In a similar manner as the attack in 2013, to this day, french authorities refuse to fully shed light on the truth of the perpetrator and his links to the Fascists Turkish states agency, MIT. Despite leaked information showing the arrangements that were made in Ankara during his many back and fourth visits, leaked audio of the killers plan being discussed with MIT agents and also documents being revealed with MIT signatures, the truth of the matter is still trying to be contorted in favor of the Turkish state and its allies.

This concealment of truth is one of many efforts to mirage the deep collusion that has been occurring for decades between NATO allies, in their attempt to cling to control and indiscriminately silence those who speak against the corruption of power within the system. They systematically oppress those who attempt to build a freer, fairer life by offering an alternative solution to capitalism.
Since the construction of NATO, clandestine Gladio forces have been at work, ruthlessly putting down any group or organization that threatens the interests of those at the top. Especially in Turkey and throughout Europe, they aim to target those who seek to bring about a change of the archaic hegemonic rule. These murders not only concern the Kurdish people, but everyone within Europe and around the world. Our struggle must be united. We should be concerned, not just because these attacks occurred within this continent, but because of the very nature in which European countries are collaborating with the fascism of the Turkish state. The very reality of the democracy and justice that Europe supposedly upholds is a facade, regardless of the sentiments it apparently endorses, it allows the reach of fascism to strike wherever it wants, turing a blind eye to its barbarism.

Fascism knows no borders, it knows no boundaries, this co-operation shows that we as internationalists must also work on a global scale as well to tackle this injustice wherever in the world we may find it. The resistance by the guerrillas in the mountains of Kurdistan and the impressive progress that is being made in Rojava after the revolution is a testament to the resilience of the people and the teachings of Abdullah Öcalan. Knowing full well that the Turkish state cannot win militarily or politically, it resorts to sinister tricks such as assassination. An enemy who is weak does not play by the rules, this is just one of many examples where the Turkish state shows it is losing.


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