protest against Erdogan’s visit to Germany

Call to joinprotest against Erdogan’s visit to Germany


On November 17, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz will receive Racep Tayyip Erdogan in Berlin for an official visit.

While all the current polemics revolve around Erdogan’s support for the Palestinian cause (and Hamas), it’s worth remembering that the Turkish autocrat is the very opposite of a defender of the cause of the oppressed.

Last month, Turkey launched a large-scale attack on Rojava (northern Syria) with the aim of destroying as much civilian infrastructure as possible (power stations, clinics, schools, etc.) and making life impossible for its inhabitants.

This attack is just the latest in a series of recurring attacks on the political project for a stateless, democratic, ecological, multi-ethnic, multicultural society based on women’s self-organization, which is supported by the peoples of the region and has been implemented in the AANES (Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria, which includes Rojava) areas since 2013.

In Rojava, the Turkish army has already invaded two territories, displacing hundreds of thousands of people: the regions of Afrin (since March 2018) and Serêkaniyê (October 2019). Pro-Turkish groups, often made up of former Daesh members, have organized looting and ethnic cleansing: kidnappings, rapes and murders have become a daily occurrence. This, while the rest of Syria has been ravaged both by the dictatorial Assad regime and by the various radical Islamist groups today fully supported by the Turkish regime.

As if that were not enough, the Turkish state does not hesitate to use chemical weapons, even though they are prohibited by all international conventions, with total impunity.

In the face of these attacks, it is futile to expect the support of states: a political project that seeks to go beyond the state form to create a system of communes operating from the bottom up is a direct threat to their interests.

We can only count on our own strength, that is, on the revolutionary forces that are organizing and fighting to liberate society all over the world.

Together, let’s defend ourselves against what threatens us! Let’s stop fascism, put an end to Turkish impunity and Western hypocrisy!

We’ll see you in Berlin on November 18, 2023 at 11am at Oranienplatz!

We call for participation in the protest of the Kurdish Freedom Movement to ensure that Germany ceases to be an hinterland for Turkish fascism. The participation of the German state and its arms industry in Turkish imperialism and expansionism, under the leadership of NATO, is a crime!

Let’s not give Erdogan the opportunity to gather support for his brutal war in Kurdistan!
No quiet Hinterland for Turkish Fascism!


RiseUp4Rojava Netzwerk


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