Statement: 6 year anniversary of the liberation of Kobanê, 26th January 2021

6 year anniversary of the liberation of Kobanê

– Kobanê and Rojava did not fall then; neither will they fall now, nor in the future! –

26th January 2015 is a date that the people of Kobanê, of Rojava, of the region and indeed of the whole world will never forget. On this day, Kobanê has forever left its significant mark on our common revolutionary landscape. It has become known all over the world as a symbol for our common resistance, common struggle and common victory against fascism and for an alternative women-liberated, radical democratic and ecological life to be constantly defended in the midst of chaos, war and destruction, brought about by the crisis-ridden nation-state system of capitalist modernity.

6 years ago, after 134 days of hard struggle and with the heroic sacrifice of our martyrs, the Islamic State was defeated in Kobanê. Starting 15th September 2014, the murderous and fascist gangs of the Islamic State marched from all four sides onto the city of Kobanê in order to expand their self-proclaimed caliphate, which has been supported by the fascist Turkish state since the early beginning. However, the heroic resistance and common struggle of the thousands of fighters of the Women’s and People’s protection units, YPJ and YPG, of Kobanê’s population, of the various resistances in all parts of Kurdistan, such as the human shields at the border to Bakur (North-Kurdistan), and of the millions of people around the world, all coming together beyond any borders, led to our common victory in defense of the revolution of Rojava/North-East Syria.

Especially in times of ever increasing capitalist exploitation, state control and oppression throughout and especially during the global pandemic, the people of Rojava/North-East Syria are providing very practical answers to the major questions of our time, and our common victories have given us hope all around the world.

However, the war and chaos is fueled daily, and the fascist, capitalist, and imperialist enemies of this revolution endanger and attack the common victories and hopes without a break. Since 2016, the fascist Turkish state, under the leadership of dictator Erdogan and together with his Islamist allies, has repeatedly invaded liberated areas of Rojava/North-East Syria and is currently occupying large parts from Afrin to Serêkaniyê. The daily war, and the continuous genocidal attacks in and against all parts of Rojava, such as in the Afrin region, in Ain Issa, in Kobanê, in Til Temir, as well as in other regions beyond Rojava, where people are working towards building a free and self-autonomous life, show clearly that the Turkish fascist state – by also constantly reviving its Islamist gangs – has no intention of stopping, but aims at totally annihilating our common victories, our hope for freedom, our revolution.

The imperialist powers, ranging from NATO to the Russian Federation, together with financial institutions and global corporation, do not only stand silently by, but are also legitimising Turkish fascism through their political, economic, diplomatic and military support for the regime in Ankara, profiting from the massacres and attacks against the people and the revolution in Rojava and the whole of Kurdistan.

The people in Rojava and Kurdistan show heroic permanent resistance to these continuous attacks, defending and continuing to build up our common revolution. The global support for Turkish fascism has to be continuously fought internationally, too, and our politics of protest need to also increase to permanent political resistance as antifascists who are determined to defend our revolution.

Therefore, by continuing to mobilise, to organise and to take action (in the form of blocking, occupying, disrupting), we continue to make further steps towards smashing Turkish Fascism once and for all. And by continuing to build up the structures that Rojava has practically been showing us, despite all difficulties from all directions, we defend the hard-won victories as had been done 6 years ago in the battle of Kobanê. By continuing to make this revolution our own, and continuing the struggle, a lot has already been won since the battle of Kobanê, and a lot more will be won by continuing on this path together!

Kobanê and Rojava did not fall then; neither will they fall now, nor in the future!

The revolution in the Middle East will win – fascism will be crushed.

Long live international solidarity!





RiseUp4Rojava Campaign,

26th January 2021

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