WORLD KOBANê DAY: In the face of state complicity, let’s organize people’s solidarity!

WORLD KOBANê DAY: In the face of state complicity, let’s organize people’s solidarity!


Kobanê will not fall! Just 9 years ago, as the city was encircled by the forces of the self-proclaimed Islamic State, whose advance had been lightning-fast, a day of international mobilization was organized in support of the Kurdish resistance. On November 1, 2014, millions of people rise up around the world to express their support for Kobanê and denounce the international community’s inaction and the collusion of certain states with Daesh.

A decisive turning point in the war waged by the self-defense forces of the Federation of North and East Syrian (YPG/YPJ), the battle of Kobanê was a few months later the first major setback suffered by the Islamic State. It marked the beginning of its retreat and eventual downfall.
The fierceness of the fighting and the resulting loss of human life made the heroic resistance of the self-defense forces a symbol of global resistance against the forces of reaction. A modern-day Stalingrad, this battle will forever be remembered as the one that changed the course of the war in Syria and the Middle East.
This battle, and the subsequent liberation of the Syrian northeast, was the triumph of a self- administrated, democratic, ecological, multi-ethnic and multicultural project founded on women’s freedom against a fundamentalist and fascist order.

On November 1, 2023, we call on you to mobilize in memory of the fighters who gave their lives so that an emancipatory political project, that of democratic confederalism, could be erected on the ruins of the Islamic State.

This celebration will also be a reminder that the political project being tested in north-eastern Syria is far from safe.
The Turkish state has already invaded two territories, displacing hundreds of thousands of people. In these territories, it has rebuild and reorganized Islamic State militiamen, who now carry out kidnappings, rapes, murders and ethnic cleansing on a daily basis.
Turkey also has no hesitation in bombing civilian infrastructures and using (in Başur) chemical weapons despite the fact that they are prohibited by all international conventions. These colonial, fascist and reactionary threats, which continue to hang over the revolution today, affect all those who do not consider capitalist political-social organization to be the unsurpassable horizon of our time.

In the face of these constant attacks, we must organize ourselves if we do not want the idea of revolution disappear before our eyes.

In the face of state complicity, let’s organize people’s solidarity!

RiseUp4Rojava Network



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