Statement of support for KCK-Campaign: “End isolation, fascism, occupation; Time to Ensure Freedom”


End isolation, fascism, occupation; Time to Ensure Freedom”

We, the RiseUp4Rojava Network and Campaign, declare our support for the campaign and offensive launched by the Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) „End isolation, fascism, occupation; Time to Ensure freedom“, and we call upon everybody to „rise up against isolation“ and to join the actions on 10th October for the Freedom of Abdullah Öcalan!

On 15th August, we called for perminent resistance and right now we are preparing for the International Action Week from the 1st to the 8th of November. We have to understand these revolutionary and anti-fascist initiatives from Kurdistan to the world as one. United we are strong, and united we will Smash Turkish Fascism, put an end to the occupation in Kurdistan, and struggle for a better world. The imprisonment of Abdullah Öcalan in Imrali and the isolation there, is not only completeley going against official international law but it goes even further. It is proof that the rulers are not caring about their own laws. The Kurdish people define Abdullah Öcalan’s imprisonment and isolationas their imprisonment and isolation. For the struggling people in the region there cannot be freedom without the freedom of Abdullah Öcalan.

We understand, starting from the isolation in Imrali to the occupation and the war against the revolutionary people in the region and continuing with the international support of the fascist regime in Turkey, that there is an international concept existing to weeken and if possible to even crush the revolution and the hopeful perspective it is giving to the people of the region and to all of us all over the world. Therefore, we must be united internationally to oppose fascism, imperialism and capitalism, and to build up a free life. To be united is the strongest weapon we have in our hands and we need to use it. That is why we declare our full support of the KCK-Campaign and call to join the „Global Day for Freedom of Abdullah Öcalan“ on 10th October.

Together we are going to break the isolation in Imrali and Kurdistan! Together we are going to Smash Turkish Fascism!

Rise Up against Fascism!

Rise Up against Isolation!

Rise Up 4 Rojava!

RiseUp4Rojava – Campaign,


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